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Car rental company Alucar in Mindelo is one of the biggest car rental companies in Mindelo. Alucar does not only have an office in Mindelo São Vicente, but also on Sal, the other island of Cape Verde.

Car rental agency Alucar Mindelo offers a variety of cars from small cars (Suzuki Jimmy) to bigger 4×4 terrain cars with more space and more suitable for rougher terrain.

Alucar car rental agency is located from the road from the airport to Mindelo.  It is a 10 minute taxi drive from the airport and 5 minutes from the city center of Mindelo. Though Alucar is one of the biggest car rental agencies in São Vicente and perhaps one of the  most popular, they are also the most expensive car rental agency of São Vicente.

Our experience shows that a smaller car costs around 43 euros per day with Alucar.  But other car rental agencies in Mindelo offer a similar car for approximately 30 euros. That’s almost a 50% difference in price per day. When you a renting a car in Mindelo for a longer period. This can severely cost you a lot of extra money then.

Questions and Answers concerning Car Rental in São Vicente


Q: What is the best rental car for me in São Vicente?

A: That depends on your needs. For the most people a Fiat Panda rental car in Mindelo will do. The smaller rental cars are easy to park and wonderful to drive in the city of Mindelo. Outside Mindelo the roads can be rougher, but the Fiat Panda will still do. If you are planning to off road a lot and/or go to Santo Antão, then we advise you to go take a bigger rental car. At least a Suzuki Jimmy is advised then.

Q: What is is the best car rental company in São Vicente?

A: We think the best rental car is the one with the best price. All the rental car agencies in Mindelo and whole São Vicente deliver quality cars. It all comes to the price.

Q: Can I get a discount when renting for a longer period?

A: It is sometimes possible to get a discount on the rental car in São Vicente. To get the best discount, we advise you to contact us. We will make the arrangements for the best rental car price for you.

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  1. A lot of cars, good service but pricy

    Good company with enough cars to rent. Started with a small car but after one week we upgraded to a bigger one. At the end of the holiday someone told me there are cheaper places to rent. So look for a couple of places before you rent.

  2. Hello my friends, I'm looking For a Double cab (For example toyota hilux or something Else , from 8. Februar 2018 to 17. februar

    Rental car

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