Chez Pastis

“Every day, at the end of each service, I am asked by many customers visiting our restaurant every season and coming from all over the world for more than 5 years now, a question which I’ll never give up answering to: “how can you find the strength to serve all the people in such an unexceptionable way, as if it were the first time you do?”

We have been defined as “the best restaurant of the 10 islands of the archipelago of Cape Verde”. “Chez-Pastis”, according to they who visited our restaurant, has turned out to be the most spoken name in London within the sphere of high luxury dining environments or group of UK investors present on the island of Sal. “The Sun” magazine, reporting about the island of Sal, has mentioned our restaurant as the one “recommended”, and much more.

Having the same Chef and the same waitresses non stop since 5 years is a great reason of pride, a very hard target to hit within an African reality, offering personnel not trained to meet EU and extra-EU standards: don’t forget that this is exactly the case of Cape Verde.

Our secret is to be and to work as a real “team”. Off duty, we are a structure based on friendship, commitment and enthusiasm, keeping us united as if we were a real family. On duty, among us is exactly the same case: just add to it the fact that we all fight for a unique goal, say the total customer satisfaction.
It is the Chef who must run the kitchen, not the other way round, and the same recurs for staff and patron.

All our dishes are prepared with the freshest ever ingredients, from the fish to the high-quality Brazilian beef fillet. Concreteness and loyalty are the basic values of our daily commitment: does anything not meet the quality standards that we claim to our kitchen, then we simply and immediately get rid of it.

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