La Creperie Chez Zoe Restaurant

French, Fast food

La Creperie Chez Zoe is located at the beautiful beach of Salamansa, a 15-minute drive from downtown Mindelo, Sao Vicente. After 12 years of service in the food industry in Paris, the owner and chef Elvis returned to his birthplace Salamansa to start the Restaurant La Creperie Chez Zoe.  A big leap to move from Paris to a little fisherman’s town like Salamansa. So is it worth it?

When entering the beach of Salamansa you don’t expect a restaurant. You hardly find any people and there people there are mostly there for kitesurfing or bodyboarding. Even when entering the place of La Creperie Chez Zoe, you don’t get the feeling that you are entering a restaurant.

The restaurant La Creperie Chez Zoe is runned by Elvis and his wife Olga. When entering you will find them both or one of them there and their sweet daughter playing around. This says it all. The atmosphere is relaxed, family like and everything goes slowly. When ordering you should keep in mind that this counts for the order at La Creperie Chez Zoe as well. A quick 5-minute-crap is not likely.

But, La Creperie Chez Zoe is the surprise of Salamansa, or maybe even the whole Mindelo or São Vicente area. It is a Creperie but they offer a nice variety of food. You can order a crap, omelet and sometimes even a local Cachupa. We can especially suggest the omelet from Elvis. When he prepares the omelet, it is absolutely way beyond the standards of an average omelet. Paris holds his reputation high.

We think that the creperie of Elvis and Olga can absolutely grow in Salamansa. We think that when Elvis decides to proactively organize more in terms of events, marketing and propoganda, La Creperie Chez Zoe will absolutely grow.


4 reviews

  1. Long wait

    I ordered a crepe but it really took a long time. If i knew this i haven’t ordered a crepe but a omelet. The taste was good.

  2. Good crepes

    Nice quiet place. Kids loved the crepes!

  3. Nice Crepe

    During our holiday we visited Salamanse beach. A very nice and quiet beach. Because we visited during the lunch we ordered at La Creperie Chez Zoe. The price is really good (3,5€). There speciality is the Crepe with a lot of possibilities to put on your crepe. This was a lunch with a view.

  4. Good sandwich, slow service

    We visited Salamansa beach for a tour. Ordered a sandwich with tuna. The sandwich was good but the service took a long time. We didn’t have the time and had to take it with us.

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