Ocean Cafe

Pizza is our great specialty and a best seller here on Ocean Cafe in Santa Maria, the reason is simple, they are delicious!

Rodízio de Pizza (all-you-can eat pizza) will amaze you by the diversity of flavours and the quantity, all at a fixed cost, will you dare?

In addition, what about an all-you-can eat of Italian Pasta or even of nibbles? We challenge you to eat all you can, at a fixed price of course!

Our menu is complete with other tasty food you cannot miss, bruschetta, cheeseburgers, bacon burger, Fish & Chips and original nibbles and snacks!

Depending on the mood of our Chef (yes you read well), savour the new dish decided on the moment, you will be surprised!

To you face the vibrant Cape Verde nightlife at Ocean Cafe, try our aperitifs and then enjoy dinning and drinking a good wine or beer on the best Pub of Sal Island.

In the small bar terrace, next to the pub, you can enjoy your breakfast or any other type of food from our menu, from early morning to late night.

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