Ocidente Rent-a-Car Mindelo

Ocidente Rent-a-Car is located in the city center of Mindelo, the capital of  São Vicente.  The office of Ocidente Rent-a-Car is located at the front of Marina Mindelo and owned by Jorge. Ocidente offers, like all other car rental companies in Mindelo, a wide variety of rental cars. You can either rent a Fiat Panda to cruise the streets of Mindelo or rent a bigger 4×4 car to cruise the more roughish area of São Vicente.

Ocidente Mindelo is fairly priced and cheaper than the bigger car rental agencies in Mindelo and São Vicente area. If you are looking for a rental car agency in Mindelo than Ocidente is a good option to go for.If you want the guaranteerd best price for your rental car in Mindelo, than we can arrange the car for you.

Questions and Answers concerning Car Rental in Mindelo and São Vicente


Q: Do I need a big  rental car in Mindelo and the rest of São Vicente?

A: The large majority of people who rent a car in Mindelo, take a smaller car like the Fiat Panda. For island cruising in São Vicente, the Fiat Panda will do more than fine. If you plan to visit more desolated areas on São Vicente with bad roads, then we suggest to take a bigger 4×4 car.

Q: Are there special demands when renting a car in São Vicente?

A: Besides being in possession of a valid drivers license, there are no special demands or rules when renting a car in São Vicente or for that matter in whole Cape Verde.

Q: What is the average price for a rental car on São Vicente?

A: The price of the rental car on São Vicente totally depends on what type of car you are renting. Rental prices for small cars vary between the 30 and 60 euro per day. As you can see  there is quite a gap in the variable price for the rental car in São Vicente. If you want to make sure you get the best rental price for your rental car in Mindelo / São Vicente, we can arrange this for you.

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